Title Loans Clearwater

You deserve a second chance to get credit. Just because your past includes a few hits and misses with some bills does not mean you should be banned from ever getting another loan. While most traditional lenders don’t share this view, title lenders are ready and waiting to put money in your hands.

What are Title Loans Clearwater?

Title loans in Clearwater are secure, which means a borrower-owned asset is the basis for getting funding. Car, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles are the assets used for title loans in Clearwater. We keep the title, while the borrower keeps the car and gets the cash. When they pay back the loan, the title is given back to the borrower. Qualified applicants are at least 18 years old. They have a job or get money from another source, including alimony, retirement or unemployment benefits. Income is important to getting the loan because lenders need to make sure you can make the loan payments. All vehicles attached to title loans in Clearwater must not have any liens, they must be paid off, and the registration documents must have the applicant’s name listed as the vehicle’s owner.

Applications for Title Loans Clearwater

Why bother with the lengthy applications of other loans when you can complete an online application in just minutes. All you do provide the type of vehicle you have, your name and contact info, and then submit. We give you a loan quote, and then we call you to finalize the offer. Your vehicle’s condition, your income and payment plans are part of what you and the loan agent discuss. You may need to bring your vehicle by for a quick inspection, but it won’t be long until you sign the loan agreement, give us the title, and take your cash.

Florida Legal Information

  • Lenders get a license from the state Office of Financial Regulation.
  • Loans are for 30 day periods.
  • Borrowers may extend a title loan for additional 30 day periods if the lender agrees.
  • Interest rates range between 18 and 30 percent.
  • Before a borrower signs a loan agreement, they and the lender must sign a document which includes states exactly the fees and interest charges the borrower will pay. The document must also state what happens when a borrower does not pay their loan, which is repossession of their vehicle.
  • Lenders must give borrowers 10 days notice before selling a repossessed vehicle.

Benefits of Title Loans

Obviously, getting loan money is always a great thing, especially if you have credit problems. Title lenders don’t do credit checks, which means all those people rejected by banks and traditional lenders because they don’t have a high enough FICO score are more than welcome with us. With bank loans, you need to have an income, turn in pay stubs and bank statements, answer questions about how you plan to spend the money and go through a credit check. With car title loans in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, you also need an income to afford to pay us back, but we don’t need all that other stuff. You are putting up collateral, and that means you are risking your own property to get title loans in Clearwater. If you don’t pay off the loan, your vehicle is repossessed. No one wants to lose their car, which is why lenders trust customers to make their loan payments. Just in case you run into problems making those loan payments, talk to one of our agents about rearranging some things. There are options, and we are willing to work with you.