Title Loans Bradenton, Florida

Friends and family are usually the first place people turn when they need a quick loan. Some people might go to a bank when they need a large amount of money, but there is an easier and faster option. Title loans in Bradenton put you on the fast track to getting cash in your wallet in a matter of hours.

What are Title Loans Bradenton?

Title loans in Bradenton are simply you using your car, truck or motorcycle as a way to get a loan. Just trade your vehicle’s title for the money, and when you pay back the money, you get your title back. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply, and because the loans are collateral-based, there is no credit check.

That makes title loans in Bradenton the perfect type of funding for everyone with credit problems. Applicants must have a job or some type of income to use to pay back the loan. Vehicles used as security need to have no liens.

Applications for Title Loans Bradenton

Unlike some other types of loans, title loans are easy to apply for. It only takes a few minutes because the application only consists of a few details about you and the vehicle you want to pledge for the loan. Once you submit the application, you get a loan estimate. You and a loan rep talk by phone to work out the details of your loan.

One issue to settle is whether your vehicle’s actual value matches the loan estimate we provided. You and the rep will discuss your car’s condition and perhaps set up a quick inspection. Other issues to discuss are the income used to pay off the loan and a payment plan. While there are a few more things to talk about, the conversation actually goes pretty fast. Before you know it, you are handing us your title papers, and we are handing you cash.

Legal Information

  • Annual interest rates on title loans is between 18 and 30 percent.
  • Before signing final loan papers, both lender and borrower must sign another document stating the amount of the loan, the interest charges and the process of vehicle repossession and its potential sale when a loan is in default.
  • Title lenders must give borrowers 10 days notice before selling a repossessed vehicle. The borrower can get the vehicle back if they repay the debt and all fees within that 10 day period.

Benefits of Title Loans

Needing money and getting it almost instantly is by far the best thing about title loans. With a shortened and streamlined application process, borrowers have filled out all the paperwork, turned in the necessary documentation and put the money in the pocket in about a day.

Title loans don’t include a credit check. If you are fortunate enough to have good credit, this won’t affect you, but millions of people have bad credit. Some have had to file bankruptcy. Regardless of why they ended up with negatives on their credit report, traditional lenders see them as a bad credit risk. These people are rejected time and again when they try to get money they need to pay bills or buy necessities. Title lenders think that is unfair. With our loan formula, an applicant just needs to have collateral and have a steady income to afford regular payments for title loans in Bradenton.

Title loans in St. Petersburg and Bradenton help, not harm, which is why you keep your car. Instead of being without transportation while you pay back the loan, we’ll just keep the title to the vehicle so you can keep driving.